Ferrari may have kicked off the era of the modern supercar with the F40, but McLaren took the concept to a whole new level with the F1. Letting a legendary Formula One designer like Gordon Murray have essentially free reign brought forth a 241 mph, three-seat masterpiece of which fewer than 100 were ultimately built. Others challenged the F1s throne, and the Bugatti Veyron eventually overtook its performance marks, but there is still nothing quite like Murray's original triumph.

McLaren has apparently decided that the time is right to create a successor. They are hard at work on a lightweight two-seater powered by a V8 engine under the name P11. That's one less seat and four fewer cylinders than its forebear, but modern engine tech should be able to render something even faster. British magazine CAR has details of the new supercar that's expected to launch in 2010 in their November print issue.

[Source: CAR]

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