Spy Shots: Gen VI Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit spotted

KGP Photography was spending its weekend in beautiful Death Valley when its photogs snapped a whole lot of pics of the next VW Rabbit in testing. Judging from the VW engineer flipping off the camera (will they ever learn how bad that looks?), we're pretty sure the Volkswagen testers didn't want any pictures out just yet. A new, stronger character line can be seen spanning the Rabbit's flank, and the door handles no longer intersect said crease. The front and rear of the car are pretty well covered, but the general shape doesn't look very different than the Rabbit we already know and love. Powertrains are likely to remain largely unchanged, with a Euro-style range of petrol and diesel engines.
The Rabbit/ Golf is perhaps the most important car in the VW stable, as it sells worldwide at very high volume. One place where the Rabbit isn't as popular is here in the States, which is part of the reason we didn't get the Gen V Rabbit until only recently. Expect to see the new Golf swing in to European showrooms in 2008, with the bunny-monikered version arriving here a couple of years later. Click the read link below to view more spy shots of the Rabbit over at Winding Road.

[Source: Winding Road]

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