One powerful NSX: Acura supercar to have 500HP at 23.5 MPG

Honda has done some amazing things with engines over the years, with a string of silky-smooth powerplants that, despite their small size, pump enough juice to the front wheels to keep even the ardent enthusiast happy. Perhaps even more exciting is that Honda manages to provide pop at the pedal, while consistently showing up at the top of the fuel economy charts.

If there was ever a vehicle that Honda could allow to be a bit of a gas hog, it would be the next-generation Acura NSX, which is rumored to be powered by a 5.0L V10 with 500hp. But with all the success Honda has enjoyed as an environmentally-friendly company, management and engineers decided not to rest on their laurels. The goal for team Honda is to achieve a combined fuel economy of 23.5 mpg, which would be great for most vehicles, much less a low-volume supercar. To put 23.5 mpg from a free-revving, 500hp V10 into perspective, the V10 Dodge Viper averages 12/20 city/highway. Heck, the previous generation NSX struggled to achieve 20 mpg, and it had a 3.2L V6 rated at 276 hp.

The folks over at Honda have created quite the stir surrounding the soon-to-be-unveiled NSX, and with 500hp and great fuel economy, we're more excited than ever for this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

[Source: Left Lane News via Winding Road]

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