BMW's expansion, diesel proliferation

During yesterday's press conference, BMW confirmed much of what's already been known or assumed, including the upcoming production of the X6 and its subsequent launch in 2008, as well as its plan to grow the number of diesel-powered vehicles it sells in the US over the next two years.
The soon-to-be-released oil burners will come equipped with BMW's dual turbocharger (one small snail, accompanied by another larger one) and although BMW was mum on which models will receive this relatively new powerplant, one can assume that the 3-, 5- and X-series vehicles are under development.

The big news was during Tom Purves' talk, when the U.S. Chairman and CEO said that the automaker intends to bring over 30 new models between now and 2010. This expansion plan includes investing $25 billion over the course of 2005 through 2010 on both research and development, and expanded "business activities."

More BMWs and better fuel economy was the crux of the press conference, both topics that are easy to get behind if executed well.

[Source: Detroit News]

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