Autoblog reader Corey Baines laughed and told us this video was lame. While Baines won't be winning an Oscar his short film's production values, it stands as one of if not the only glimpse we've had of the production Mitsubishi EVO X on public roads being tested. Baines came across the car while driving around one day, and after confirming the boss was away for the day, hit the street to track down the EVO X mule with camera in hand. Not only was Baines able to follow the car and get some decent enough footage of it being driven on public roads, afterwards he approached its drivers in a parking lot who were very tight-lipped and made a hasty exit. While it's difficult to glean new info about the car from the video, one thing that's obvious is the giant rear wing out back that appears to be slightly bowed on the new EVO.

Follow the jump for the full video, which is the tastiest morsel of EVO X news we've had all year.

Thanks for vid, Corey Baines!

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