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The ultimate Taurus rental... just in case

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While the debate rages on around whether or not returning the Taurus name to Ford's lineup will do anything to help improve sales of this large sedan, we've had our fun imagining what different versions Ford could produce. First there was the Taurus Heritage Edition that actually won over a lot of readers with its nod to nostalgia, and then there was our first post on a possible resurrection of the SHO model.

While we're of the mind that the return of the Taurus will improve sales, or at least not hurt them, there are some who argue that the Taurus is, was and always will be a rental car. For them, Galvin, the artist who rendered our first two Taurus models, has created this, the ultimate Taurus rental car for the new millennium, complete with many square feet of unpainted black plastic, anonymous wheel covers and an offset Blue Oval that lets everyone know the driver is a little off, as well. While we wouldn't go so far as to say the Five-Hundred/Taurus is our favorite large sedan in the segment, we wish it well in 2008 and beyond and hope its future doesn't come to this.

[Rendering courtesy of Galvin]

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