SHO Time! Taurus SHO should return to lineup, too

click on above image to view high-res gallery of the 2009 Ford Taurus SHO photoshop

I've never been one to hide my unabashed appreciation for the Ford Taurus SHO (the first generation in particular, as they got progressively worse with each gen IMHO). Readers got a total kick out of the Ford Taurus Heritage Edition we showed you a week ago, and we think it's time Ford also consider bringing back the Super High Output. Fortunately, we were pointed to another Photochop artist that already took digital pen to paper and dreamed up what such a car might look like.

The rendering, posted by BlackManta on the forum, is actually more ingenious than its first impression might suggest. BlackManta grafted the face of the Taurus X, previously known as the Freestyle, onto the Taurus to create a look that's more aggressive and interesting than the standard Taurus front end. The car's C-pillar has also been enlarged, which reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse glass (tee hee) and kind of reminds us of the now defunct Mercury Marauder, kind of.

We're having fun imagining the mechanicals, too. BlackManta would like to see the Yamaha-sourced 4.4L V8 used that currently powers the Volvo XC90 since it's roots can be traced back to the 3.4L V8 used in the third-gen Taurus SHO. That engine was a blight on the SHO's legacy, though, and we believe a proper tribute would be a 300-hp version of the new 3.5L V6 paired with the new six-speed auto and all-wheel drive. To be true to the legacy, a six-speed manual version would be even better. The mind reels at the thought.

Thanks for the tip, James!


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