The arrival of the Edge CUV is now complete with word that Ford has just put some cash on the hood of its golden child for the first time. In reality, the incentive is being offered only for base SE models and is paid to the dealer to use how he or she feels fit. So it's not like you'll be seeing this incentive advertised in your Sunday circular.

It turns out that demand for more expensive versions of the Edge has been greater than Ford anticipated, and as a result these base SE models, which so far have comprised only 20% of Edge sales, have been sitting on lots longer than expected. That's the kind of good bad news we'd like to hear if most of our eggs are sitting shotgun in a single model. The base Edge SE starts at $25,995, while the mid-range SEL begins at $27,990 and the top-level SEL Plus at $29,745. Automotive News reports that an Edge optioned to the hilt can even reach $36,000. Ford sold 5,586 units of the Edge in January, its first full month of sales. If most of those were SEL and SEL Plus models, all the better for Ford.

[Source: Automotive News]

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