SmartUSA offering $99 reservations to gauge interest in the ForTwo

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If you've been hankering to get one of those cute little Smart cars that you can almost park in your tool shed, now's your chance to get on the official waiting list. Smart USA will start selling the second generation ForTwo about a year from now, but for $99 you can reserve one now. Dealers for the Smart haven't been named publicly, but Smart USA will be passing along the reservation information to dealers later this year, who will then contact the prospective customers and actually handle the sales. According to Smart USA senior VP Anthony Pordon, the reservations don't actually give you a place in line, because the sequence depends on availability in your geographic location. The whole scheme is more of a way for Smart to gauge interest, assign dealers and allocate cars based on where serious buyers appear to be. So far there is no information on where to send your check, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know.

[Source: Automotive News - subscription required]

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