POLL: Tell us what you think of Car and Driver's redesign

Ok! Ok! You wanted a poll, you got one. Earlier today we posted about the new design of Car and Driver magazine and how its readers are responding to it. You all wasted no time telling us your opinions. We were actually surprised how split down the middle it seemed. So here we're going to make it official and for the record, hopefully creating a larger sample than the 177 people who wrote Car and Driver themselves.
PS: In a strange coincidence, a subscription to Car and Driver is Best Deal Magazines' Deal of the Day today. You can get a one-year sub for just $3.99 for another couple hours. Does that mean C&D is on clearance? Sorry, you can probably guess what we voted on the new design.

PSS: This poll is completely unscientific and subject to an error of margin +/-100%.

What do you think of the new Car and Driver design?
Love it!
Hate it!
New design? What new design?
What's Car and Driver?
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