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Car and Driver redesign hated by readers, and we agree

I first started subscribing to Car and Driver magazine sometime in 1981. I've maintained those subscriptions ever since. I've always appreciated the snappy writing, and even when I disagreed with the likes of Pat Bedard and Brock Yates in their columns, the quality of the content has almost always been top notch. Even when they featured Quicksilver Zimmer on the cover, I still enjoyed the magazine. I was particularly amused by the fact that Callaway Corvettes seemed to spontaneously turn their engines inside out whenever someone from CandD walked up to one in the mid to late '80s.
The layout of the magazine never caused me any grief and never before did I have any problems finding information. But the recent total revamp of the magazine's layout left me sorely disappointed, and apparently many others agree. In the latest issue, the ever-present Ed. acknowledges in the Backfire section that of the readers who bothered to make their feelings known, they are opposed to the new look by a 164 to 13 margin. Sure, 177 responses isn't a huge sample, but that's still almost 93% of those who responded that don't like it. Despite that fact, Ed. says "...we paid big bucks for this redesign, and we ain't going back."

That's a pretty harsh comeback for a paying audience that's just being honest, especially considering that it seems like Motor Trend's been continually tweaking its layout for over a year now in order to arrive at a look that resonates with readers.

[Source: Winding Road]

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