Gearheads the world over (England particularly) have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming ninth season of Top Gear, the BBC's crown jewel of an automotive magazine show. All the more so following the drama of co-host Richard Hammond's terrifying crash and miraculous recovery, the details of which we followed closely as they developed.

Thanks to Arvin, one of our intrepid readers, we're glad to bring you this brief nineteen-second clip previewing the upcoming season of Top Gear. Nineteen seconds isn't very much, but from this brief clip we can see a few antics the crew is up to: the Porsche 911, remote-control airplanes, Jaguar XKR vs. Aston Martin V8 Vantage, street-paving machines, trying to drive an old pick-up truck, chopping a Fiat in two, driving the Bugatti Veyron at speed, and testing the new Lotus Europa.

This is only a teaser, and we're willing to bet our favorite of friends across the pond have got a great season lined up for us. Shame we don't get the BBC over here in America, but on the internet, "the will" is seldom separated from "the way" for very long.

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