Bricklin's back with Chinese-made hybrid

You gotta love Malcolm Bricklin's tenacity. Despite his plans to import Chinese-made Cherys into the U.S., Bricklin's looking east again for his next big thing. Which is an inexpenisive hybrid.

Bricklin says his company, Visionary Vehicles, is currently working to design a low-cost hybrid car that would be built in China to take advantage of cheap labor costs. By doing this, Bricklin says, he hopes to sell the new car for as much as 30% less than a conventional gasoline engine vehicle. China Car Times says the car is will be comparable in size to a Mercedes E Class, but sell in the $15,000 to $25,000 range.

If things work out this time, Visionary Vehicles plans to have affordable Chinese-made hybrid cars on dealer lots sometime in 2009. Less than two years from concept to reality for such a high-tech vehicle seems rather ambitious to us, but we wish Mr. Bricklin luck.

[Source: China Car Times, USA TODAY]

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