Detroit Auto Show: Live shots of the gorgeous Mazda Ryuga

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Mazda's press conference isn't until tomorrow, but when we heard the Ryuga Concept was already spinning on a pedestal in the brand's booth, we grabbed our gear and ran down for an impromptu photo shoot. This car truly loves the camera; every side is its good side. Upon examing the car closer, we appreciate it more now for its details than overall shape. The wheels in particular with their torque-twisted spokes and dab of body color paint are one of the car's finest features. While the head and taillights are years away from production, the concept's face doesn't look far off from what could sold in showrooms. The interior, however, is a product of pure imagination, and while certainly striking and creative, lacks any connection with reality.

After 20 minutes of shooting we found ourselves in possession of another 29 fantastic pics of this beauty. Check them out in all their high-resolution glory by viewing the gallery.

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