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Toyota poised to take #2 spot from Ford

Ford Motor Co. has admitted what we saw coming for some time. The New York Times just ran a story saying Ford has announced that they fully expect Toyota to take over as number two behind General Motors. At least in America. Perhaps not unexpected, but it still sounds weird to hear that Ford won't be #2. To put this in perspective, Ford has been number two since the 1920s! And if that's not enough, Ford says the projections show they think that third place might be their permanent new slot. Apparently The Way Forward means taking one step back, which if that's what it takes to return to profitability, then so be it.
Back in September Ford speculated that its market share would hit a low of 14-15% allowing Toyota to surpass it. With the death of the Taurus and the decline in sales of light trucks, Ford has certainly been hurting. Conversely, it seems that Toyota can do no wrong with buyers, despite product that some consider boring and increased recalls with uncharacteristic lapses in quality. But things aren't looking any better for Ford. The new Tundra should be out in February, which will only increase Toyota's market share according to most analysts. Although we expect the Dodge Ram to be the truck that suffers most from the Tundra's arrival, eventually relinquishing it's No. 3 spot to the Japanese pickup over time.

[Source: Reuters via The New York Times]

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