Fisker working on a sedan?

Fisker makes some of the most desirable custom cars on the market, reviving the age-old practice of coachbuilding new bodies on existing cars. Recently we reported that Fisker, whose namesake chief was responsible for some beautiful Aston Martins, is considering building their own unique vehicle from the ground up. Now emerging rumors suggest that Fisker may be leaning towards making a sedan.

At this point, it remains unclear if the two plans are self-exclusive, if they'll both go forward independently or if they're one and the same. Being a small outfit, it would seem unlikely for Fisker to take on both projects simultaneously, but the existing SL-based Tramonto convertible and 6-Series-based Latigo made their debut around the same time.

We wouldn't be surprised if Fisker decided to go ahead with a coachbuilt four-door coupe based on the Mercedes CLS. In fact, we're sure we'd be delighted, as hard as it would be to improve on the CLS' gorgeous lines.

[Source: Leftlane News]

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