Ford Euro models finally on their way to US?

A Ford spokesperson has told auto industry trade paper Just-Auto that the U.S. automaker is "eyeing Ford Europe products" but that no decisions have been made to import any of those models to the U.S. market. Motor Authority, which has a subscription to the trade news site, states the article particularly mentions the Mondeo, Focus, S-Max and Galaxy as possible imports for Ford's North American division. Many of us have waited for news like this a long time, and if Ford's turnaround is truly product driven then its competitive wares across the pond could be the jump start its recovery needs.

Not to spoil the speculative fun, but we have to mention that Ford's current line up is chock full of product except at the low end where a Fiesta or Festiva might do the most good, neither of which were mentioned in the Just-Auto article. As great a car as the Mondeo supposedly is, we're finding day after day how good the Fusion is, as well. The S-Max and Galaxy, both people movers, would enter a showroom already crowded with the Freestyle, Edge and upcoming Fairlane. The European Focus... well, that's a no-brainer. The current U.S.-spec Focus is old and due for a replacement, and Focus fans have been patiently awaiting the C1-based Focus car's arrival for some time now.

As much as Ford fans and even analysts might think it's a good idea to start importing models from the company's European arm, the Blue Oval must choose wisely which cars it wants to bring over. The North American lineup is full in some places and lean in others, so hopefully Ford can find appropriate places for these Euro models to fit.

[Source: Just-Auto: sub. required via MotorAuthority]

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