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New HUMMER truck coming in 2009

Automotive News is reporting that a "new Hummer truck" will be launched sometime in 2009. HUMMER's general manager Martin Walsh claims the vehicle will have "unparalleled off-road capabilities" and be "recognizable from a distance." AN is a bit ambiguous referring to the new product as a "Hummer truck" in that we're not entirely sure whether the outlet is talking about a traditional pickup with a bed or referring to the new product as a truck in general though it could have a traditional SUV shape. We expect it will be called either the H3T or H4. Either way, HUMMER has learned with the H3 that downsizing its military-inspired macho looks and maintaining above average off-road prowess can equal big sales. The H3 (shown above disconnected from terra firma) is selling like gangbusters all over the world and has led to a 54-percent rise in sales globally despite the larger H2 waning in popularity.

Martin Walsh also mentioned that a hybrid HUMMER is not in the product pipeline, saying, "it does not allow the vehicle to demonstrate true off-road capability." Since off-roading usually occurs at speeds less than 35 mph, a true hybrid rock-crawler would likely need to run off of its batteries while bounding boulders. We have to imagine some clever software programming to create just the right throttle response would make for a compelling off-roader propelled by electrons. Either way, HUMMER does have plans for flex-fuel versions of its vehicles.

[Source: Automotive News, pic: FR Design]

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