Chrysler gets no sympathy from UAW on health care costs

UAW President Ron Gettelfinger is apparently done being pushed around by the domestic auto industry. Despite having given landmark cost-saving concessions on health care to both General Motors and Ford, Gettelfinger indicated to Reuters the same offer would not be extended to The Chrysler Group. The UAW considers Chrysler to be in a better financial state than GM and Ford, and therefore has disregarded the time honored tradition of pattern bargaining and not accepted Chrysler's latest concession proposal.
While the UAW may see Chrysler standing on a littler firmer ground than GM and Ford, the German-American hybrid automaker doesn't exactly have a rock solid foundation at the moment. The Chrysler Group still has a decent-sized inventory of unsold 2006 models despite the most aggressive incentive campaign of any automaker during the summer. As a matter of fact, Chrysler has already admitted that it will lose money this quarter for the first time in four years. Sorry Chrysler, you'll get no sympathy from the UAW.

[Source: Reuters]

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