Sirius gaining ground on XM

Having just reviewed an Audi A3 with Sirius satellite radio and an active subscription, I can honestly say that I seriously enjoyed listening to Howard Stern again after months of being cut off cold turkey. It turns out millions of people followed the shock jock to his new residence on Sirius satellite radio, and the company saw a 64-percent growth in new subscribers versus the first quarter of last year. That amounts to 600,640 new subscribers, versus rival XM's addition of 398,000 new subscribers during the same period
Some would say that's a huge gain for Sirius, but XM's total subscriber base still dwarfs that of Sirius at nearly 7 millino versus 4.7 million. Either way, this was the first time I ever considered setting down my iPod and iTrip and picking up the phone to order satellite radio. But then I had to give the Audi A3 back and forgot to call.

For those interested in purchasing a vehicle with the audio entertainment of their choice preinstalled, the following links will take to you a list of automakers offering each technology as a factory installed option.
Sirius Satellite Radio
XM Satellite Radio
iPod integration

[Source: Reuters

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