Insiders at Ford have leaked to Inside Line that the Blue Oval’s big announcement in New York next month will be the return of the Shelby Hertz GT350H, a higher performance version of the Mustang GT that will be available for rent through select Hertz dealers around the country.
Ford first did the rent-a-racer thing back in 1966, and while the the 2007 GT350H will feature the same black and gold-striped paintjob as the original, it’ll also have 320 horsepower, 20 more than the average modern day Mustang GT, thanks to new powertrain control enhancements and intake/exhaust tuning. We’ll meet the GT350H in person at the New York Auto Show next month, everyone else will have to wait until this summer to rent one from Hertz.

[Source: Inside Line / Photo: CobraCountry]

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