Congress passes measure to prevent importation of counterfeit parts

Do you know who made the name-brand replacement parts that are used to service your vehicle? We'd all like to think that we're getting the genuine article, especially when it comes to safety-critical components, but increasingly, sophisticated counterfeiting measures are resulting in some very authentic-appearing parts reaching the hands of consumers and repair shops. It's estimated that the business of counterfeit auto parts may be worth a whopping $12B each year.

Fortunately, SEMA reports that the Stop Counterfeiting in Manufactured Goods Act has cleared both houses of Congress, and will now go on to receive the President's signature. The bill clarifies the definition of counterfeiting, and calls for mandatory seizure and destruction of not just the counterfeit parts, but also the equipment used to make those parts. Additionally, the bill requires the U.S. Trade Representative to include protection against counterfeit parts in free-trade agreements.

[Source: SEMA]

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