Cadillac looks to the Super Bowl to kick off 2006

GM's luxury brand had a strong year in 2005, and general manager Jim Taylor is looking at the upcoming Super Bowl promotion of the new 2007 Escalade to kick off another good year in 2006.
The new promotion, dubbed "Chrome Couture," uses the fashion world to build on the high-bling Escalade's association with "glitz, paparazzi and pop culture." According to Taylor, the promotion "...played up the glamour, but with Cadillac attitude and edge" Oh yeah, and lots of chrome.

Lest you doubt Cadillac's commitment to chrome, here are a few excerpts from the '07 Escalade's website: "layers of generous chrome," "touches of chrome," "chrome-layered side fender vents," "trimmed with chrome for an elegant appearance," "mixes chrome with color," and "wreath, crest and chrome - unmistakably Escalade."

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