ZAP will be as busy as one of the Big 3 this year at the 47th Annual San Francisco International Auto. The U.S. based distributor of alternative vehicles plan to debut no less than five vehicles at the show, which runs from November 19-27. ZAP will have on hand the XEBRA, an all-electric production four-seat vehicle for under $10,000, as well as the WORLDCAR, one of the few commercially available hydrogen-electric hybrids in the world. The headlines, however, will likely be focused on the first public showing of OBVIO! in the U.S. The two vehicles designed by the Brazilian company will be distributed in North America by ZAP. They're now referred to as "trybrids" because they have the ability to run on gas, electricity or alcohol. We'll have to wait until the San Fran show begins to see if the OBVIO! vehicles are for real or not.
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