AC Cars, of Shelby Cobra fame, will invest in a new manufacturing facility in Bridgeport, Conn. AC Cars expects to built about 50 cars annually and eventually ramp-up produciton to 800 units a year. The company will create 141 jobs and expects to spend $4.5 million to get the plant running. The plant will also be supported by a $1.5 million loan from the Connecticut Dept. of Economic Development. 

AC is best known for its invovlement with Carroll Shelby, who used the lightweight AC Ace bodies and big-block engines from Ford to produce one of the most desired and replicated cars ever made. The new vehicle offered by AC Cars will continue in that sporting tradition, and will sell for $90,000 to $150,000. The decision to manufacture in he U.S. is a move to boost U.S. sales of the new vehicle and was in-part inspired by the success of other niche cars, such as the Mini.

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