In an attempt to appeal to the estimated 40 percent of NASCAR fans who are women, NASCAR has entered into a publishing venture with Harlequin Enterprises Limited, publisher of women's romance novels. According to NASCAR officials, the books will be written by Harlequin's best-selling authors and will feature plots revolving around the sport. The first book, In the Groove by Pamela Britton, should be available in stores this January just before the Daytona 500.
I think this might actually alienate the male fans more than if Ford made a bright pink F-150 Barbie Edition. Or not, if it means the women in their lives will be as excited about NASCAR as they are.

All joking aside, check out this excerpt from the book. Not your typical manly NASCAR material, but I think the two companies might have hit the nail on the head for female fans with this concept.

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