Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) drivers prefer imports and luxury brands, according to a survey by Harris Interactive. Harris says that folks in the LGBT community are more aware of and are more likely to patronize brands that advertise directly to them — community outreach and LGBT advertising done by Volvo, BMW, Subaru and Volkswagen apparently score the manufacturers points with the LGBT crowd.

Additionally, one in two people in the LGBT community would consider buying a hybrid, versus one in three non-LGBT person, and LGBT folks are more likely to respond to internet and word-of-mouth recommendations. Interesting follow-up to Eric's GayWheels.com post here.

See, here's what I'm wondering. People who openly identify as LGB or T typically also identify as liberal, educated and middle class or higher. Is it possible that if Harris interviewed straight folks who have all those characteristics (liberal, well-off, educated, etc.), they would come up with similar numbers?

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