You may remember a post back in August on a Brazilian car company named Obvio! The company's search for a U.S. partner has ended in a deal with ZAP, the environmentally conscious auto distributor whose $1 billion order for Smart minicars was recently turned down by DaimlerChrysler. In September ZAP purchased 20 percent of Obvio! and placed an order for 50,000 minicars. Obvio! currently has two vehicles designed, the 828 and the 012. This Reuters article states the 828 will go for $14,000 and include a 170-hp 1.6L engine that propels the minicar to 60 mph in a mere 5.2 seconds. The 012 (shown) will be a high performance version with more power and a price twice as high. ZAP claims that demand for the two Brazilian born cars are so high it's already stopped taking orders.

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