It's not often we get the chance to combine politics, a country music legend, and sustainable energy into an Autoblog post, so pardon us while we enjoy the opportunity. Kinky Friedman, the latest eccentric independent to run for governor (and perhaps the most amusing as well), has announced that Willie Nelson will be his energy czar if elected. Nelson has apparently found a way to combust biomass that doesn't get him in trouble with the law, and has started selling the soybean-enhanced BioWillie diesel fuel at a few locations in Texas. Friedman likes the idea of energy independence and wants to "stop the Saudis from playin' the jukebox and stop the rest of us from dancin' to the tune", so that's where Nelson enters the picture. At this point, the US produces enough surplus vegetable oil to provide about 5% of the diesel fuel used in the US. That doesn't sound like much, but in the delicate energy market it has the potential to make a substantial difference.

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