This is one of the car's I'm irked I missed at the Dream Cruise last weekend. It's the Limited Edition Ford "Stallion" Mustang designed by Chip Foose and modified by Unique Performance. About 3,000 of these babies will be built a year starting at $38,000. In addition to the new look, Unique Performance has been tasked with upgrading the performance potential of this pony car. There's a full list of the upgrades at the link, but we like this quote by Doug Hasty, president and CEO of Unique Performance: "We've stiffened the chassis, uncorked the exhaust, tightened the handling, improved the induction and upgraded the stopping power." Additional upgrades, specifically to the engine, are expected to be available in the near future. Could this car turn out to be a real competitor to modified Mustangs from Saleen, Roush and others? If the aforementioned powertrain upgrades come then perhaps this could be the custom Mustang to own in 2006.

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