For 2005, Chevrolet will be offering a high-performance iteration of its new mid-sized pickup, dubbed Colorado Xtreme, which would also make a great name for a movie about ex-special ops vigilantes caught in a blizzard in Aspen. The upgrades will be mostly of the aesthetic sort, with special wheels and tires, paint-matched fascias and a little spoiler on the tailgate to keep the rear end down while swerving through the parking lot at the hardware store. The Colorado's suspension gets a slight working over as well, featuring a lower stance with gas-charged monotube shocks and robust front and rear anti-roll bars. The engine choices will remain the same as in the stock 'rado, a 175-hp 2.8 liter four cylinder or a 220-hp 3.5 liter five, and figure a $3,000 surcharge for the package.

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