The Shelby Daytona Coupe is one of the best looking vehicles ever to go racing from any era; it's not exactly known for its amazing fuel economy, though, with a big V8 creating tons of muscular power. Electric car company Renovo Motors aims to revolutionize this American classic by keeping its fantastic styling but fitting a powerful electric motor to maintain the performance in a greener way. The company's coupe makes its debut in Monterey at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on the Concept Car Lawn.

This jumble of famed design and modern propulsion uses a lithium-ion battery pack and electric motors to make 500 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of torque. According to Renovo's original announcement, the company claims that the Coupe can hum to 60 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds all the way to a top speed of over 120 mph with a max range of 100 miles. That's pretty impressive by any standard.

The Coupe starts life Shelby American CSX9000 rolling chassis so the exterior differences are fairly small. Renovo even has trim on the sides like vestigial, side exhausts to fool your friends at first glance. Once the hood opens up, all doubt is removed that there's something different here with no V8 to be found. Scroll through the gallery to check out this electric supercar.

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      That's pretty much Autoblog in a nutshell.  I go here to see all the latest press releases and to other sites for insight.
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      I really like EVs and I love classic cars, but to me, this car makes no sense.  I would rather have a Fiat 500 EV and a V8 Superformance Shelby Coupe any day of the week.  The whole point of the Shelby to me would be the sound and the experience on a track, neither of which can this deliver.

      It will be interesting to see if there are buyers for this.  I would think people looking for a fast EV would prefer something that advertises its modernity like an I8.

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        But soon you wont be able to pull up to your favorite restaurant in any European or American city unless your in an EV.  What is the point of having such a car when you can't even go out in it?

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          How can it be my favorite restaurant if I can't even get there?

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      I agree. Most of the posts are pure copy paste of press release or info taken from other site. There is no expert opinion or some insight of about the product. 

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      FFS guys,  

      I love this site for its broad range of coverage, and solid reviews. The news posts like this one are just lazy though. It basically reads like an advertisement and offers absolutely no comprehension of the information, merely regurgitation. 
      Why can't the blogger in question query the odd statement of "over 120mph" (a base Camry can manage that comfortably - so why is that relevant?)  and perhaps offer some sort of actual critique of the information and how it seems to position itself in the market? Instead its all "pretty impressive" and really, for that price tag I did not expect such glowing press release regurgitation.  500hp/1000lb-ft and 120mph top speed doesn't add up, especially when you can only drive the thing 100 miles. Except that you found it pretty impressive, so perhaps it's just me? 

      Please treat us, your audience, with some respect.  We want to hear the writers (hopefully) knowledgable opinion alongside the press release, and we want to get some perspective on it's nearest competitors. We want you to be critical thinkers and writers instead of photocopiers.


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        True enough.

        After all, how impressive is it to take a $110,000 CSX9000 rolling chassis from a component car that doesn't meet any modern safety standards, install some batteries and electric motors, then charge $529,000 for the finished product?

        I understand companies wanting to make electric cars interesting to the car enthusiast, but I'm not sure how the Renovo Coupe matters in any meaningful way, and this Autoblog article doesn't enlighten us one bit.

        Read Tull
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        Gearing may limit the top speed, not sure what type of transmission (if there is one) this thing has.

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          @Read Tull

          It probably has the non type of transmission or at most a reduction gear.  With that much power you don't need one.  And if you are going to be doing standing mile runs just mod it to a 2 gear power glide so it can shift into second at 120 and hit 240 if it has the distance.

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      I want to see the interior because I just love how they packaged the batteries and everything else. Funny thing is those battery packs look so small especially for a 100 mile range but I guess it is possible.

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      meh, old is whack. 

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      I wonder what they paid for 'front row center lawn' at the PB Concours ?

      They sure didn't get invited for merit.