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Formula One teams come and go, but few have been the subject of such intense rumors as the potential participation of Volkswagen.

The German automaker is the largest in Europe that hasn't been part of the sport in recent history, and its executives have made several public declarations that entering the series in one capacity or another was under consideration.

That prospect appears to be off the table now, however, as the company's new motorsport chief, Jost Capito has nixed the idea. Capito, who recently joined VW from after leaving his position as head of racing and performance vehicles for Ford, is focused squarely on Volkswagen's new entry in the World Rally Championship.

That may not mean, however, that the possibility of F1 participation is off the table for one of the group's other brands, which include Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini.

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      As a huge fan of F1 i would of course be all about them entering to F1, but in a same time it needs huge investements and even that is rarely enough. For company like VW who is doing amazing at the moment with all of it's lower end and higher brands, why risk it. Can it be worth it? Just look at Toyota and the money they poured to F1 just to be laughed out from the sport. Again i would love them to enter F1, but i can easily see why they would not.
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      Given enough time Jost will completely neuter VW's performance small car offerings as well with his hate of AWD and belief that consumers would rather watch motorsports than buy the cars they root for. Expect the next Golf R to be FWD with a fancy new suspension that supposedly makes AWD irrelevant. Expect a really sweet car to be built with lots of Gymkhana videos yet no vehicle to buy in show rooms. Expect VW to move towards a Do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitude and sell $80,000 privateer race cars with no love for the enthusiast in a realistic income bracket. Stay classy Jost. I predicted the day you left Ford that you'd be hard at work neutering VW's offerings. Of course I was just a troll then despite my predictions coming true.
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      They nix it almost every year. I would love to see them in it though. They could produce one powerful machine, especially if they carry over some tech from Audi.