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We got word from a little birdie last week that Noble had flown over a prototype of its newest model – the M600 – for a series of shakedowns in the western U.S. CAR was able to get a shooter out to Arizona to capture the M600 undergoing testing, using the same Yamaha-developed V8 found in the Volvo XC90. According to CAR's sources, the V8 has been fitted with twin turbochargers and output is estimated at somewhere north of 600 hp. The rationale behind using the Volvo's lightweight eight is primarily centered on emissions, allowing the low-volume automaker to sell the M600 throughout the world.
According to our source, the Noble hit a top speed of 202 mph at Bonneville before traversing Death Valley and winding up the Firebird Raceway in Arizona, where CAR's shooters captured the N400 in photos and video. Click these colored words here to check it out.

[Source: CAR]

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      I was actually the one who got the spy photos of this car. Sounds absolutely amazing coming past. It is very flat coming through the corners with what looked like very good balance and tons of grip. It was being driving around the track with a Carerra GT, so I can only hope that is the performance benchmark Noble is going for. Also, notice the new Noble logo. It appears they are no longer using the rectangular, yellow badge with their name.
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        Last time somebody used a Porsche as a benchmark, we ended up with an awesome car that beat the Porsche and was way cheaper. Wonder if this will end up just like that?

        Awesome pics, mate, wish I heard it too, though :)
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      WTF is up with this car? Its it out yet or not?? It was on Top Gear AGES ago and I've never seen one on the road.
        • 6 Years Ago
        It was the Mwhatever, I dunno, but I've never seen a car that looks like this anywhere but in magazines and on TG. ...and it's always the blue prototype. Are they vaporware??
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        The M12 and M15? No. I've ridden in the M12 and am pretty hard pressed to come up with a dozen, or even half dozen, cars capable of out canyon running it. The M15/M600 will come out soon, I believe noble had issues in terms of financing and with their previous idea for an engine which they're sorting out apparently.
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      dream car
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      Racersweb.com was involved with the Nobles test day in phoenix Arizona. We have actual photos of the vehicle up close and have in car video.
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      I had a look at racerwebs.com but couldnt find a Noble article. Could you maybe post a link?

      If you look more closely at the pics in the Car article, you can see the car in camouflaged and only the bonnet, nosecone and the doors are the actual car, plus a small exposed section of the rear panel. the front wings, and especially the rear side panel and the rear of the car are covered in extra panelling hiding the rear shape of the car

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        does anyone have the website for Motorkraft USA? Cant seem to find them!

        I've found AER Ltd, from Basildon UK. AER is Advanced Engine Research Ltd :)