• Nov 22nd 2006 at 5:43PM
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Ford's marketing push behind the "Bold Moves" taglines is one step away from becoming part of modern pop culture. We've been inundated with TV, print and web ads since the campaign began, and you've no doubt noticed the web-based documentary of the same name. FoMoCo executives can't even make it through a single speech without evoking the "Bold Moves" god before which they bow. Ford dealers, however, are reportedly not impressed by the campaign that from the beginning has focused itself on lifestyle messages. The best example of this is the Bold Moves television commercial that shows a young lady in a Fusion paying for her dry cleaning and "boldly" paying the bill for the guy in the Mustang behind her. Yes, Ford would have us believe that a bold move is paying for someone else's dry cleaning, and oh yeah, buy a Fusion and a Mustang while you're at it. Dealers have voiced their concern to Ford and the company is responding with a new round of ads that drops the lifestyle angle in favor of some hard facts about Ford's new vehicles, particularly its lineup for 2007. New ads will focus on the availability of all-wheel drive in the 2007 Fusion and new Ford Edge commercials are already in circulation that offer specific talking points on the product. Ford did, however, pay a lot of money for that dry cleaning ad and others like it and said it will continue running them, although you'll begin to see them less frequently as these new product-driven ads began to appear on the boob tube.

[Source: Amy Wilson / Automotive News - sub. required]

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      The dry cleaner spot (bad pun) presumably tested well with women, or the agency would not have run it.
      BOLD MOVES for the present product line (and I am a Ford fan since 1950) is only slightly more accurate than Rumsfeld's description of the approaching victory in Iraq. "NICE MOVES" would be more accurate, but they are trying to reach the people that they can actually sell, not BMW customers.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Ford dealers, however, are reportedly not impressed by the campaign that from the beginning has focused itself on lifestyle messages."

      as they should be. i dont know anyone who buys a car based on how bold it is. most people look at things like hp, mpg, leg room, reliability and interior quality. these are the things ford should be talking about.
      • 8 Years Ago
      BOLD MOVES is a complete farce. The sad thing is that BOLD MOVES is exactly what Ford should be making, but I haven't seen a single, real, tangible, practical, visible, actual BOLD MOVE in 2006.

      Hence BOLD MOVES has become BULL SHIT.
      • 8 Years Ago
      It takes more than a few months to design a car and get it onto the road in the public's hands. Especially when you have a rapidly decreasing budget, the media harping on your every breath, and a whole bunch more crap to sort through that doesn't even really have to do with the product itself. Is it Ford's fault? Mostly, probably. Recognizing that doesn't mean it makes recovery any faster. "Screw Ford, they deserve it." - And yet people still wonder why Ford is still having trouble selling cars? There's two sides to this, the producer and the consumer. The producer is making an effort, so now it's the consumer's turn.

      On with the Ford bashing...
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      If FORD has no money for R&D, just bring over their European lineup. Why are we still getting the same old Focus while the European "new focus" is 2 years old already! Mondeo anyone?
      • 8 Years Ago
      One of the best ads ever (for any marque) is actually part of this same series. You know, the one with the teen and Dad doing burnouts in the parking lot. That is a true classic that I still cannot believe that the safety nuts haven't demanded be removed from the airwaves. THAT has sold a Mustang or two, guaranteed. THAT is a product ad!

      I doubt that one will sell any Fusions or Focii but let the guys (sorry, but cleary a guy came up with that) who made the Mustang spot have a shot at a Focus commercial. Oh wait, there AREN'T any Focus commercials. Nevermind.
      • 8 Years Ago
      I do want to give credit where it's due. The Fusion, Mustang, GT, Edge, and CX-9 look fantastic. But then there's everything else. The GT500 could have been a great car if it didn't weigh so much. The XK is a fine sports car, but it looks lame. Lincoln and Mercury are deadbeats. Jaguar is collecting dust and rust. All Ford's been doing has been pumping out big SUVs and pickups, all the while claiming it's a green car company. Instead of spending so much on the F-150, it should be making a decent mid-size pickup. And it should stop whoring the Mustang by dragging every single past trim name.
      • 8 Years Ago
      no bashing here. test drove a new f150 and can't believe the dramatic changes since my last ford truck. i drove chevy's and a dodge in between and even though they are very good, the ford wins hands down.. placing my order next week. they should bring back the old campaign, "have you driven a ford lately?" yes, and i am impressed.