Sony, Yamaha to launch autonomous EV made of big-screen TVs

It's called the SC-1 Sociable Cart

Sony and Yamaha have joined forces to create a new take on the future of entertainment, and it's packaged in a windowless mobility cart. Known as the SC-1 Sociable Cart, the electric autonomous box features big-screen TVs inside and out and will launch strictly as an experiential tool rather than product consumers could buy. 

The SC-1 is a direct result of the shift that has been happening throughout the entire automotive market. Automakers have been hard at work to produce electric vehicles that feature autonomous capabilities, and this thing has both technologies. The SC-1 stores energy with a lithium-ion battery and puts it to use with an DC electric motor. It can seat up to five passengers, and it has a top speed of a little slower than 12 mph. Under certain conditions, the SC-1 can be remote-controlled, as well. 

At 123.4 inches long, the SC-1 is about 16 inches more compact than the Fiat 500. Its boxy design allows for a height of about six feet, and it's about 51 inches wide. Because it uses cameras, sensors, and LIDAR to see and read its exterior, there are absolutely no windows on the vehicle. That means there's room for screens, both inside and out.

The body wears four 55-inch 4K LCD monitors, and a 49-inch 4K LCD monitor sits inside. The outside screens can play a variety of content, including advertising, while the interior screen can play a video of the exterior or stream a variety of different entertainment options. The interior is also set up to use augmented reality for an immersive experience. Upping the creep factor, the exterior cameras can scan people walking around, read their demographics, and aim specific ads at them. 

Sony and Yamaha are planning to launch new services with the vehicle in Japan in fiscal 2019 in places such as golf courses, amusement parks and commercial facilities, among others. At this time, it is not planned for sale.

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