Henrik Fisker again teases new EV crossover — and maybe a pickup

We get another look at the solar roof ... and is that a truck tailgate?

Henrik Fisker, founder of the eponymous luxury EV company, is looking to make a grand comeback with some new models alongside his EMotion EV. The renowned automotive designer and entrepreneur has been teasing two new models on his Twitter feed while divulging some quick details about some additional new cars.

On Thursday he tweeted about his new all-electric crossover from Fisker Automotive. He's been talking about this crossover, at "close" to a $40,000 price point, since spring, and just a few days ago he tweeted about its "enhanced +80 KWh lithium-ion battery pack" and 300-mile range.

The latest tweet is accompanied by an overhead picture of the crossover, showing a photovoltaic solar panel built into its roof, a design once pioneered by the Fisker Karma from several years ago.



A tweet from Wednesday previews what looks to be a new all-electric pickup truck, one of two additional new models that will accompany the new crossover.



That tweet's digital rendering appears to be of a pickup's tailgate. The look is Ford F-150-esque, and with Tesla rumored to be working on a new EV pickup along with rivals such as Rivian and Workhorse, Fisker’s proposal doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Though the rear view could also be of a more rugged SUV, also potentially aimed as a direct competitor to Rivian’s offerings.

Fisker is reviving Fisker Automotive after it went bust back in 2013 and a Chinese parts conglomerate, Wanxiang, purchased the manufacturing, design and rights to make the Karma. Wanxiang rebranded as Karma Automotive, and Fisker took the sale money to start anew.

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