Today is a big day for electrified Fords. The company just revealed the all-new Escape, which features both traditional hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants. And now the company is revealing that it's broadening its electrification plan to its commercial vans with an all-electric full-size Transit van, and plug-in hybrid Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom vans for Europe.

The Ford Transit EV has us most intrigued because it could very possibly be offered in America, since we have the same full-size van. Sadly, Ford has not released much information about it, not even giving a range or motor details. All the company would say is that it's planned to go on sale in 2021 and be available with multiple body styles and "competitive payload."

2019 Ford Tourneo Custom PHEV

Ford had more to say about the Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom PHEVs, both of which are a bit smaller than the big Transit and are front-drive. Like the Escape PHEV, they'll have a 30-mile range on just electricity. After those 30 miles, a turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine kicks on to generate electricity, and Ford says propulsion only comes from the electric motor. This van will go on sale this year. While we won't be getting either of these vans in America, we wouldn't be surprised if a variant of the powertrain eventually becomes available here for something like the Transit Connect.

Ford Transit-150 Information

Ford Transit-150

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