Porsche Taycan factory will help clean the air

Specifically, it will help break down nitrogen oxides

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The simple act of building and selling the all-electric Porsche Taycan may be a satisfactory step toward a greener planet for many people, but Porsche is going to extra lengths to make the car, and everything around it, as environmentally friendly as possible. The company announced that the Taycan's factory will help clean the air of nitrogen oxide emissions. Nitrogen oxides contribute to smog, and they're frequently created by diesel vehicles.

Porsche Taycan factory test panels

To do this, Porsche will place aluminum panels around the exterior of the building coated in titanium dioxide. The company explains that when sunlight hits the panels, nitrogen oxide exposed to the surface breaks down into water and nitrate. Porsche has been testing this system with a little over 1,300-square feet of panels that it says are as effective as 10 trees in the same space.

Porsche says that if the implementation on the Taycan plant goes well, it could start using the panels on additional buildings. On top of this nitrogen dioxide reducing strategy, the company claims Taycan production will be completely carbon neutral. So you'll be able to enjoy your $90,000+ electric sports car pretty close to guilt-free.

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