Great things are often born of humble beginnings. For NASCAR driver Joey Logano, it all started with a little old red Quarter Midget race car. The battered, tattered bodywork wears a "Joey The Big Dawg" sticker and a thank-you note to his parents. Things got decidedly larger and more powerful from there.

The first car Logano bought with his own money, at age 16, was a matte black Chevy SSR. He still owns it. He's also got a sweet old '61 Ford Econoline van that's been converted to hold a custom camper out back, a black and silver Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 muscle car, and a street-legal race car that seems to exist solely to get the racing driver in trouble with the police.

Logano's love of cars is shared by his wife, too. A 2004 Ford Thunderbird in mint green looks out of place in Logano's garage. A cruiser in a sea of muscle. Turns out it was a gift for his wife, her dream car presented alongside a ring from Logano. And she said yes.

But the car that Logano cites as the most fun to drive? That would be an old Ford Model T limousine. "You feel like you're going 120 when you're going 20." For a professional racing driver, that sounds like a dream come true.

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