The Pontiac Silverdome was home to the Detroit Lions for more than 25 years. It also played host to the Detroit Pistons, several rounds of the 1994 World Cup, tons of concerts and a Catholic Mass led by Pope John Paul II. After the Lions left, the Silverdome soldiered on for a few more years before finally closing its doors for good in 2013. Recently, the Silverdome's parking lot has been filled with hundreds of Volkswagen diesels, all stuck waiting for their final fate. It seems moving them isn't currently an option, as all were on hand to witness the Silverdome's implosion this week.

Thanks to video from WXYZ in Detroit, we can see the second round of explosions that finally collapsed a good portion of the stadium yesterday evening. The first attempt on Sunday produced quite a noise, but failed to bring down the Silverdome. The angle of WDNU's video is perfect to view the sea of silver, white and grey Volkswagens filling the stadium's parking lot.

The Silverdome is as good a place as any to house all these cars. Like the stadium itself was for years, the fate of these Volkswagens is unclear. They might be fixed and put back on sale for a steep discount — VW and Audi repaired-but-new 3.0-liter diesels are reportedly starting to be offered at discounts of up to 25 percent off MSRP, for example, though the cars doomed to the Silverdome lot are used vehicles VW bought back. They also might be scooped away and sold for scrap along with the remains of Pontiac's once shining sports arena.

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