Look what West Coast Customs did to a 100-year-old Mitsubishi Model A

They gave it a PHEV powertrain while trying to retain the original look.

A hundred years ago, Mitsubishi made its first car, called the Model A. Back in April of this year, the automaker said it would update an example of that original model, electrifying it with the help of West Coast Customs. The result is the Mitsubishi Re-Model A, which combines old-school looks with the automaker's plug-in hybrid powertrain borrowed from the Outlander PHEV.

To make room for the Outlander PHEV's chassis, West Coast Customs had to stretch the body of the Model A, while attempting to retain as much of its original form as possible. Once that was completed, they gave the car new door panels and modern steering wheel and parking brake. With two drive motors, the Re-Model A gets Mitsubishi's Super All-Wheel Control. The resulting car is a little funky looking. It's got wide, modern wheels and tires that look out of place. The front end takes on a new shape that looks odd from certain angles.

On the plus side, it's probably faster and better to drive (depending on your perspective) than the original, which had a 2.8-liter four-cylinder engine producing 35 horsepower. We drove the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV that the Re-Model A gets its chassis from, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Still, watching the mechanics tear down a 100-year-old vehicle — which will never be the same again — makes us cringe.

Mitsubishi has a microsite devoted to the Re-Model A if you'd like to learn more.

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