Slowly but surely, BMW is removing bits of camouflage from its BMW X2 crossover prototypes. In these latest spy shots, we get a look at the front bumper of the new car with just vinyl coverings. This means we have a clear view of the grilles and general shape of the car's nose.

The basic design is clearly inspired by the Concept X2 shown at last year's Paris auto show. The triangular grilles on the sides of the bumper are particularly similar to that bright orange concept. The kidney grilles also hang onto the forward-leaning position and additional width at the bottoms of the concept. Where the bumper differs is in becoming much tamer. The concept had very deep chin spoilers, and additional depth was added by the slats in the grilles. The production model dials back the spoilers and simply adds black mesh mounted flush in the openings.

It's tough to make out much else on this concept, but one key element we can spot is the tapered side windows. They're well disguised by a black tape line, but you can spot the true window line when zooming in on a profile shot. That tapered window is straight from the concept, as is the very thick C-pillar. We expect the production X2 will be revealed for the 2018 model year.

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