Police in a small New Zealand town are investigating after a local motorist filmed a small child driving a station wagon crammed with passengers – including a goat – along a busy main road.

Back in March, Gary Walden was cruising down Buffalo Beach Road in Whitianga, a small town located in the Coromandel Peninsula on New Zealand's North Island. In front of him was a slow-moving Ford Falcon wagon, not an uncommon sight on New Zealand's roads. As he followed along, he slowly realized that something very uncommon was going on in the Falcon aside from the goat stuffed in the hatch–there was a child at the wheel. His response, of course, was to whip out his phone and start recording.

"He looked eight, I've got a seven and eight-year-old and he didn't look much older," Walden told

With the camera rolling, Walden slowly passed the car. At first he thought that the car was full of kids, but was shocked to discover that the car was full of adults, plus the goat, and the only kid in the car was at the wheel. Eventually, one of the adults in the back of the Falcon realized that they were being filmed and the car promptly pulled over. A quick conversation ensued between Walden and the grown-up who noticed him filming, then Walden cut the video. He told Stuff that said grown-up then got behind the wheel and the wagon sped off.

Whitianga Police are currently investigating the incident, because even in as laid back and freewheeling a place as New Zealand this little stunt broke a ton of laws. For his part, Walden told Stuff that he thought the whole thing was pretty funny and didn't think poorly of anyone in the Falcon.

"My old man used to let me drive the tractor down to the beach, everyone's got their opinions, I'm not judging," he said.

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