One of the most well-regarded racing simulation series, Gran Turismo, has always had one significant issue: None of the games featured Porsches. However, that finally changes with the upcoming installment, Gran Turismo Sport. PlayStation announced today the brand will appear in the new game, and the first Porsche to be presented is the 911 GT3 RS.

A representative from PlayStation told us that Gran Turismo is finally picking up Porsche models because an exclusive licensing deal between EA Games and Porsche has expired. For years, EA Games was the exclusive rights holder, and any other developer seeking to include the German automaker had to go to EA to get permission. This made it difficult to license Porsche's cars not just for Polyphony, but other developers. It's the reason Porsche has only made sporadic appearances in the Forza Motorsport series. Until now, the solution for Gran Turismo was simply to use RUF and its high-performance Porsche-based machines. While the inclusion of RUF wasn't bad, fans of the GT series will be happy to finally try out standard Porsches, too.

The silver and orange examples pictured above show that the cars will be as lovingly modeled as any other machine. From the bolts on the wing supports to the blank buttons on the center console, every detail seems to be present. What will be particularly interesting is how the car can be modified and changed for race duty. We've already seen a rally-spec version of the current Mustang, so perhaps we'll see a 911 GT3 RS that likes to play in the dirt.

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