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2018 Maserati Ghibli gets new lights and grille

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It's been nearly four years since Maserati introduced the 2014 Ghibli, and it's soldiered on largely unchanged. Finally, Maserati is prepping a respectable facelift front and rear.

The changes seem to be concentrated on headlights and grilles. The lights now appear to have a chrome or aluminum highlight that curves upward, dividing the LED running lights from the rest of the lighting. This is a distinct difference from the current highlight that curves downward. Also, the grille now looks to have a more rounded shape, closer to the oval grilles of early- and mid-2000s Maseratis. The lower grille also seems to have smaller inlets at each corner.

At the back, the rear bumper has clearly been reworked. Unfortunately, the giant black diaper covering it reveals absolutely nothing. Aside from these changes, the rest of the new Ghibli looks the same. Because this is clearly a mid-cycle refresh, we expect to see the car fully revealed by the end of the year, with vehicles hitting the lots early next year.

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