Lego and Jeep: two great tastes that taste great together. At least, that's our theory. The Jeep Wrangler is already a blocky and charismatic thing, and we've seen enough Lego vehicle builds to be intimately familiar with the tug on our heatstrings for a tiny version of it. Remember the Lego BMW motorcycle, or the Lego Caterham? There's a perfect storm here of nostalgia, disposable income among its target audience, and admirable creativity on the part of the builder.

Just look at this model! The proportions are really close, and things like the curve of the hood and the seven-slot grille are spot-on. The hardtop is removable, revealing a roll cage, just like on the real thing. The 62-mm tires look plenty tough to handle a mountain of blocks.

jeep lego wrangler

Here's the thing, though: This model isn't available yet, and might never be. Unless you (yes, you!) command your mouse-clicking finger to vote for this user-submitted model proposal on Lego Ideas. At the time of this writing, submitter CK80 is at around 1,100 votes, and he or she needs 10,000 for this DIY Wrangler to be elevated into the pantheon of official Lego kits.

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