Why you absolutely need to take your Miata to a track

Our long-term 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata entertained us all summer, but we couldn't let the good weather pass without taking a trip to a race track. So we headed to GingerMan Raceway on the other side of Michigan to give it some exercise. It's there that I fell deeper in love with our little silver-white Club and immediately regretted not taking it to the track every single weekend prior.

I make a very simple case in the video above: Miatas belong on the track. They're made for it, especially our ND Club, the most track-friendly version Mazda currently makes. The Miata is also a wonderful tool for those learning to drive in these conditions. It gives you good feedback, there isn't too much power available, but the engine's output is plenty to make things entertaining. It's also one of the more balanced performance cars you can buy today and doesn't rely on fancy electronics to go faster – it's a nearly direct connection between you and the car, with no weird intermediaries or adjustable elements. This is really the simplest form of fun.

To sum up: If you have a Miata, take it to a track. If you don't have a Miata, go buy one. Watch the video again if you're not convinced.

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