General Motors and IBM have partnered to bring personalized content to drivers. GM's new OnStar system, which is called OnStar Go, will incorporate IBM's Watson artificial intelligence technology in an attempt to optimize the driver's time in the vehicle. But there's a catch – targeted offers and services.

Thanks to IBM, OnStar Go will learn from drivers' behaviors and provide customized offers from GM's partners, which of right now include Exxon Mobil, iHeartRadio, Glympse, Parkopedia, and Mastercard. If your GM vehicle needs fuel, for instance, OnStar Go would point you towards an Exxon Mobil gas station. According to The Wall Street Journal, GM and IBM will share any revenue generated with its partners.

OnStar is a subscription-based service that provides various features, including hands-free calling, diagnostics, and security, to users. The OnStar Guidance Plan, the most comprehensive plan from the service, includes navigation, AtYourService Advisor support, and hands-free calling for free for the first six months of ownership. GM owners can then choose a plan that range from $19.99 to $34.99 a month. The OnStar Basic Plan, which does not include emergency or security services, is free for the first five years on the majority of GM vehicles. At the time of this writing, it's not clear how OnStar Go will be priced or which OnStar packages will include this service. We'll update you when that information is available.

Besides giving drivers offers from GM partners, OnStar Go will be able to allow users to make in-car payments using Mastercard's Masterpass system, present drivers with customized experiences from iHeartRadio, and more. GM plans to introduce its new OnStar Go service by the end of 2017 on approximately two million cars.

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