Germany warns Tesla drivers that Autopilot is not an autopilot

This is not the first time someone has a problem with the autonomous tech.

Last week, there were hints that German authorities were not pleased with Tesla's Autopilot. The government has taken its displeasure directly to Tesla owners in the form of a letter that warns them that Autopilot is not so auto. The letter says that autonomous driving system still needs the driver's attention all the time. Tesla, of course, still says that Autopilot is in beta

Germany is warning owners of Tesla vehicles that the use of the Autopilot function in their electric cars requires the driver's unrestricted attention at all times. It is not, as the name implies, an actual automatic driver, the German Federal Motor Authority said. Plus, German law requires the driver to be in control of the vehicle at all times.

Tesla has said since it first started releasing the Autopilot software that it is indeed a beta product. Despite this disclaimer, Germany isn't the only one with an issue with the tech. Consumer Reports said the name should be changed. Tesla made some big changes to Autopilot with the 8.0 update last month, but even that doesn't seem to be enough for Germany.

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